Security Cameras

Now more than ever business and  residential customers are concerned with security.  Lets face it an alarm system can alert the police and neighbors in the event of a break in but most of the time it can take minutes to hours for the authorities to respond.  Plenty of time for the bad guys to make off with a considerable about of your belongings.  With no information other than the time the alarm went off, investigators try to give you hope but the truth is you will probably never see your stuff again.

A security camera system can help both to avoid this situation and aid in recovery efforts.  A thief will laugh at a sign from your local alarm company especially if your home or business is well off the beaten path.  But with several visible cameras they think twice about  a quick grab and run.  If they are so bold you have video evidence of what they took and what they look like. possibly even the car they used.

Gone are the days of old.  No more video tapes to swap out daily.  No more grainy black and white images and almost total blindness in the dark.

Today’s systems offer

Full color Video

Night vision

Weeks months or years of recording capacity

The ability to cover large campuses with one central DVR

Remote monitoring and Playback

License plate capture

Small hidden cameras